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Building a new home or extending and renovating your existing accommodation can be an exciting, creative experience with a deeply satisfying outcome.


DDI Architectural can assist you in all facets of a project, whether it's just for basic draughting services or for the management of the complete project, from the conceptual stage to LA consents,from consent through construction and finally to moving in to your new home.

The building process comprises four primary elements:-

      1. Your site - contour and aspect.

      2. Your aesthetic prefences.

      3. Your desired lifestyle.

      4. And of course your budget.

The objective of good design is to combine these elements into a building that meets all these parameters whilst remaining mindful of how to best use the available natural endowments  of the site.


At DDI Architectural, one request we make of our clients is for them to speak their minds without reservation - there is no room for egos in the design process.


The following pages will explain some of the processes and issues related to your project as well as some pictorial examples of  DDI Architectural designs.